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Product-minded iOS Developer

Ciao 👋

I’m Leonardo, a iOS Developer working at Blinkist📚.I'm an entrepreneurial soul very much into game design and Photography.I co-founded Sunlitt ☀️, a delightful app that puts the sun at the center of your life.Check out my game Dotillism 🟣 if you want to have a relaxing gaming experience!

I graduated from Apple Developer Academy where I led a small team to build and publish two apps on the App Store.Before switching my career into tech I worked as a Product Manager for an indie tabletop games studio, developing games and raising more than $1.4 million on Kickstarter.My diverse background in startups, product, and as a creative professional gives me a 360° view of the whole product development process, allowing me to understand tech, business, and design perspectives.


Apps and prototypes I've created or co-founded.

iOS App


Sunlitt tells you the direction of the sun at any time of the day, in any part of the world.I'm co-founder of the project, working on it as iOS Dev and product lead.

Litt App

Dotillism App

iOS App


A casual zen game created during Apple Developer Academy, Available on App Store.I co-created the app along with three amazing folks.Built with SwiftUI.

iOS App Prototype


A SwiftUI app that connects to a mock news api with Combine. Code available on GitHub.Built with SwiftUI, Combine.


XKCD Reader App

iOS App Prototype

XKCD Reader

A viewer for the XKCD comic that fetches data from the official API.Built with SwiftUI.


Some examples of side-projects I founded and other things I've been involved with.

Professional Growth


I won four hackathons about product development.


Cannibal Cows

Entrepreneurial Project

Cannibal Cows Gamedev Collective

I co-founded a gamedev collective. We organized informal workshops and events to learn about game design, game development, and prototyping.We use Godot Engine.

Entrepreneurial Project

The Lore Observer

I co-founded an indie tabletop game studio to create and publish products for tabletop RPGs.

The Lore Observer

Product Management

Crowdfunded Games

As a Product Manager for an indie game studio, I managed and developed four products from brainstorms to market.We funded them with Kickstarter raising more than $1.4 million with a minimal marketing budget in a lean environment.

Crowdfunded Games

About me


I'm Leonardo ✌️

I'm Leonardo, a creative individual passionate about technology.I have professional experience as iOS Developer and Product Manager, but my academic background is in marketing and the creative field.My curiosity and hunger to learn something new made me delve into many different things in my life, interacting with tech, entrepreneurship, and coding.My diverse background shaped profoundly the person that I am and the way I approach my work. My personality is built on three main pillars: I'm a creative individual passionate about visual media and creativity as a process. I'm a nerd passionate about tech and coding. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I always try to create and build new things.

Honors & awards

  • Winner of the Apple WWDC22 Swift Challenge.

  • Apple Developer Academy Alumnus.

  • Winner of "The Big Hack 2021" organized by Maker Faire & Codemotion.

  • Winner (second place🥈) of "Innovate the way we work" organized by Codemotion, Acea and Citrix.

  • Winner of "HACK 4 CHANGE" organized by Codemotion, Angelini Industries and Fameccanica.

  • Winner of "The Big Hack 2022" organized by Maker Faire & Codemotion.

  • Summa Cum Laude bachelors

Bio (TLDR short version)

Who has time to read this looong page? Here's the highlights, then you can skip to my skills or portfolio, or read more about my journey.

  • A degree in Communications and Media Studies (summa cum laude).

  • Co-founded a startup at 23 and many other projects and initiatives after that.

  • Professional experience in marketing at some startups.

  • Worked as Product Manager bringing 4 products to market raising more than €1 million with crowdfunding.

  • Always passionate about tinkering with code, I fell in love with software development at Apple Developer Academy.

  • Built many app prototypes and brought two apps to App Store.

Personal Interests

My curiosity brought me to try many different things in life, some of those become lifelong passions.

  • Photography and photo-editing (some of my pics).

  • PC gaming (I love indie titles).

  • Tech and startups.

  • Tabletop RPGs.

  • Martial arts (Muay Thai! 🥊).

  • Collecting nice books about photography, art or games (Bitmap Books for example).

  • Reading!

  • Most kinds of visual media.

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  • Swift

  • SwiftUI

  • UIKit

  • MVVM

  • XCTest

  • Networking (RESTful APIs)

  • Combine

  • StoreKit

  • ARKit, RealityKit

  • Swift On Server, Vapor (Basic)

  • Docker (Basic)

  • Git / GitHub

  • Xcode

  • App Store Connect, TestFlight

  • Photoshop, Lightroom

  • Figma (Basic)


  • Product Management

  • Product Strategy

  • Agile

  • Lean Development

  • MoSCoW

  • UX Research Methodology

  • User-centered development

  • Design Thinking

  • Marketing Strategies & best practices

  • Business Model Strategies

  • Crowdfunding Strategy

  • Copywriting

Soft skills

  • Leadership and experience as team lead

  • Result-driven, I care about creating something I can be proud of

  • Lifelong learner

  • Negotiation with stakeholders, business, design and tech

  • Diplomatic character

  • Extreme curiosity. Always asking why

  • I always look for the wider vision and purpose

  • Presentation & storytelling skills

Extended Bio 💬

In the beginning

While studying Communications and Media studies at a university, I decided to co-found a tech startup with some friends to develop an app, and exited a year later selling my shares to an investor after some major disagreements with other founders. At the same time, I founded the biggest Italian fan community for Starbound (the award winning indie game). An adventure that continued for three years and gathered all the Italian players of the title.After these entrepreneurial adventures, I came back to university and was ready to finish my degree, but the universe had other plans for me and after a while I was contacted by another startup, one too exciting to turn down.

Product Manager @ Tabula Games

After the first year spent working in marketing and learning the ropes of this crowdfunded-based business model, I became product manager for the next projects. The company was small and I worked closely to the founders, meaning that I was able to approach many different aspects of the business and take business critical decisions that impacted our business and all of our users.Developing projects for crowdfunding meant being always under the spotlight of enthusiastic, but hard to please fans. For this reason, user-centered development was our mantra. All our decisions stemmed from a deep understanding of what our users wanted and expected from our products.
The market for crowdfunded games is really competitive, with many big companies pushing the bar higher each month. As an indie studio, we always had to be really creative in how we developed our products.
At Tabula I achieved many great results: I built products loved by their users and learned many different things in the hustle and bustle of a small studio that had limited resources and a great vision.

Apple Developer Academy

After finishing my degree and a brief pandemic-driven hiatus of freelance marketer work, I decided to join Apple Developer Academy to translate my product management expertise into the tech field.The Academy truly was a great place to improve and grow my product skills. In each of the projects I participated in, I naturally started leading the team toward a common goal and vision that would get us excited. The "Challenge Based Learning" model used at the Academy allowed me to apply many principles like design thinking, agile methodologies, product discovery, UX research. I also had many opportunities to develop my soft skills like leadership, presentation, public speaking, negotiation, you name it.I wanted to get as much as possible out of this experience, which is why I also decided to approach coding seriously. While coming from a vastly different background, I’ve always been passionate about technology and computers. Over the years I always found ways to tinker with code and I decided to take this opportunity to get serious as a developer.At the Academy, my result-driven nature showed itself up. I wanted to make the best of every opportunity I was handed and I ended up developing many prototypes.
I managed to have my team launch an app on App Store in the mid of the course, being the first team of the year to reach App Store.
Our final project, Sunlitt, has been selected to be showcased on stage at our graduation ceremony in front of hundreds of people including Apple executives and the press.During the development of Sunlitt, we also decided to release our library as an open source package: SunKit. The app is still in active development by me and the team of co-founders, all eager to implement our roadmap packed with many features.


After graduating from Apple Developer Academy I started to work as a freelance iOS Developer while also continuing to work on projects like Sunlitt and others in stealth mode.In march 2023 i joined Blinkist as an iOS Developer.

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I participated in the following hackathons about product ideation and development.

Crowdfunded Games

As a product manager for Tabula Games I developed the company's most successful product line to date, acting also as the creative director to ensure the artistic vision of the games would be shared among the titles.Being in the spotlight of a Kickstarter campaign, with many eager fans waiting for your work, is an incredible experience that taught me many important things about product development and management with a user-centered approach.These projects taught me a lot about working under pressure in a lean environment where everything changes quickly. Being a small lean indie studio also taught me how to interact, influence, listen and negotiate with creative professionals, users, founders, and other stakeholders.


  • Four new games in the market.

  • $1,4 million raised on Kickstarter with a minimal marketing budget.

  • 20,000+ backers who supported our vision.

  • Kickstarter's Staff Pick for two times.

  • Critically Acclaimed titles from industry media.

  • Creative direction and ideation of the game setting, that has also been licensed to another publisher.


Leonardo Bertinelli